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Do you have a digital compass in your cell phone or PDA?
Have you ever been using your electronic compass
and then needed to calibrate it because of interference from a magnetic field?
Do you think it's unusual that moving your electronic compass
in a 3-dimensional figure eight recalibrates it?

PC or Mac iPhone, iPad and
iPod touch
Flash(Full version) MPEG4 (Explanation ver.)
YouTube MPEG4 (Practice ver.)
Our movie shows you how to calibrate the electronic compass
that is in your mobile phone, PDA, or other portable device.
The S-cube electronic compass should calibrate itself automatically while it is being moved around during normal use and does not usually need to be recalibrated.

However, if your electronic compass encounters a magnetic field, it may need to be calibrated. Magnetic fields that interfere with your electronic compass may occur in or near the following places and things.

The magnetic field created by these conditions may make your electronic compass point in the wrong direction or stop working. A message or a change in the color of the display may indicate that you need to calibrate your electronic compass. Calibrating your electronic compass is easy if you know how.

  • Electronic compasses are also called digital or e-compasses.
  • S-cube is the brand name of the electronic compass produced by Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation (AKM).
    S-cube products, such as the AK8973, AK8974, and AK8976 series, are made with sophisticated patented technology.
  • Information provided through this Web site does not apply to the products of other manufacturers.